Just a few years ago, I was a huge pessimist. I would often imagine the worst thing that could possibly happen before it could even logically occur. And of course, most of the time nothing bad happened. My friends knew that, my family knew that, everybody around me knew that (except me). When my friends told me at one time, how negative I was, it hurt me. I wasn’t able to realize, that I really was a negative person and people perceived me that way. I couldn’t believe that.

Pessimists often don’t admit to being pessimistic and they say that they’re just being realistic. But pessimism and realism aren’t very different.

A pessimistic person, just like a realistic one, will never change the world for better. Only the ones who believe something can be changed are the ones who actually change the world for better.

Now I can tell that I’m a different person. In the last couple of days a few of my acquaintances have told me how they like my optimism and positive energy. Also, I was offered some business cooperation opportunities recently, which also says something about me. Believe me, nobody wants to do business with a pessimist. Essentially, all entrepreneurs have to be kind of crazy optimists. Investing your time and money in something, and not being sure if it will pay off, is a little bit crazy.

I’m very glad that lots of people see me as an optimistic person, especially because I remember the person I used to be. I often used to worry about things I couldn’t change. I was often sad basically without a reason, this sadness and anxiety didn’t stem from anything else, but from my thinking.

Slovakia is still, unfortunately, a pessimistic country. I created the entire project SámSebePán.sk (freely translated as “Be your own boss”) and this article, because I’d love to help to make a positive change that is so necessary for improving our situation as a country, and as a society.

5 reasons why you should get rid of negative thinking

In order to get rid of negative thinking you need to understand the following things:

1. Pessimism doesn’t help

Pessimism means to cry over spilled milk before it is actually spilled.

Thinking about what can go wrong is rational thinking. But thinking what WILL go wrong is negative thinking, or in other words, pessimism.

2. Pessimism attracts pessimism

You are what you think.

If you’re a negative person, it is very likely that your girlfriend is a pessimist, too. Also, I’m not surprised that you’re not successful. Negative thinking is closely linked to failure. You really are what you think.

3. Pessimism is destructive

People with negative thinking often suffer from psychotic disorders. Those disorders might be different kinds of phobias, schizophrenia, or depression. It’s clear that pessimism isn’t healthy and it should be taken seriously.

4. Pessimism demotivates

“Don’t start that new business, you’ll lose money”, “Don’t move to England, it always rains there”, “Don’t attend that festival. What if something bad happens to you while there?”

Do you really want to be the one who always discourages other people? Do you really want to be the one who constantly slows others down and makes them feel demotivated? I used to be like that and I’m honestly happy that I changed. And the people around me welcome this change, too.

5. Pessimism isn’t sexy

Are you having relationship problems? Can’t keep a girlfriend, or even find one? It’s very likely that the main reason for this is your pessimistic nature. Negativity isn’t sexy and it doesn’t attract women or men.


These five reasons should help you understand why negative thinking is so destructive and why you should eliminate pessimism from your life. Now let’s find out how to kill the pessimism and replace it with positive energy.

3 keys to positive thinking

1. Faith

Faith is an essential element for many religions. But that doesn’t mean that only those who believe in God or in a religion can apply faith.

Faith is very important for every single one of us. You have to believe in yourself and in your abilities. You have to believe that you’ll succeed and that you’ll achieve your dreams and goals.

2. Trust

Positive people are those, who believe in others even after they have been cheated or deceived.

Should I completely stop dating just because one of my relationships failed? Should I stop believing people and never do business with anybody just because I had been cheated by one of my former business partners? If I did that, then I would have never become part of the awesome project Holey Quilt, which has the potential to conquer the world.

You have to trust people. If you don’t trust people, you’ll become a grumpy old person without any friends, and that only “friend” will likely be a dog. If you don’t trust people, you’ll be suspicious and hesitant, and after time you’ll lose your relationship or marriage, or maybe you won’t even be involved in a well functioning relationship in the first place.

3. Smile

An honest smile is an absolute fundamental of expressing positive energy.

When it comes to business, I always choose partners, who show a positive attitude. When it comes to relationships, I choose girls who smile not only with their lips, but also with their eyes. You knew that people don’t smile with their lips only, right? 🙂

A default reaction to a smile is a smile. And it’s scientifically proven that smiling in itself is enough to improve one’s mood.

How to improve your mood “by force”

World-leading psychologists and scientists found that our emotions are affected by our physical actions. Everybody knows that people smile when they feel good. But now scientists found that it works both ways. When people start forcing themselves to smile, it’ll improve their mood in just a few seconds!

Try it. Right now. Force yourself to smile and hold it for a few seconds. You’ll see that in a moment, you’ll smile naturally, without forcing your cheeks into a smile. And just after you start smiling naturally, your body will release the endorphins – the happy hormones. You’re already feeling better, right? 🙂

This exercise works all the time. If it didn’t work for you, then you did it wrong. As I said before, people don’t smile with just the muscles around their mouths, but also with the muscles around their eyes. If you want your “fake” smile to produce positive body reactions and a real smile on your face, it’s necessary to use these “smiling” muscles located around your eyes.


Force yourself to smile one more time and squint. Hold it for a few seconds. If this also failed, put a pencil (or a finger) in between your teeth, just like you’re about to bite it. Does it work? Let me know in the comments below!


There is numerous research confirming that our subconsciousness and emotions affect our behaviour and health. Our thinking and the energy we show, not only affect the actions in our everyday lives, but they also affect the lives of our close ones.

If we want to be healthy and happy, and if we want to positively affect the world and those around us in a good way, then we should take care of our own psychological health. We have to realize that positive thinking is the foundation for a happy satisfying life and for success in any area.

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