2014 was one of the best years of my life. I achieved something I was trying to achieve for more than 2 years – becoming location independent. I experienced a lot of awesome things. In this blog post, I have summarized what happened in my life in 2014 that I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful for the life I live

I’m not rich. I’m not even close. I live frugally, but my lifestyle extremely fulfills me. No, it’s not about money. It’s not about how much you own, whether you have a more expensive car than your neighbor or a louder home theater. I’m grateful for delicious Asian food, for adorable Asian girls, for beautiful beaches, for wild nature, for nice, smiling and friendly people. I’m grateful for the opportunity to live in Thailand, South Korea and Malaysia, even though I’m not from any of these countries. I’m grateful that I could experience life in these countries, meet local people and learn about their customs and traditions.

I’m grateful that I’m moving forward

I’m grateful when I notice that I’m better than I was yesterday. I made a better deal than the last time. I created a better-looking website design than the last time. I lifted more weight than the last time. I weigh more than the last time (yeah, I’m trying to gain weight, not lose it). I’m a better listener than I previously was.

It doesn’t matter what’s the subject, you don’t have to care how others are doing it and if they’re better than you or not. The main thing is that you’re better than you were yesterday. If you are, be grateful –you achieved it on your own, with your own effort.

I’m grateful that I can help

Every time I get a “thank you” email from my readers or fans, I’m grateful. Every time when I answer somebody’s question or share useful information, I’m grateful. I’m grateful because I know that I can help. Because I know that I helped somebody.

I’m grateful for friends who helped me selflessly

Many times I’m surprised how generous people can be. (word order mi tak znie lepsie ako I’m surprised how people can be generous). Often people I didn’t know or those who I knew for just a short period of time helped me several times more than my long-time friends.

I’m grateful for new friendships

I’m grateful for friends I met in person. I’m grateful for the technologies which have allowed me to easily meet a lot of great people online. I have already met lots of them personally (tazko americka anglictina), and I’ll meet more of them in the future. I have friends from all around the globe. I can’t be with all of them, but every time I’m around some of them I really look forward to meeting them again in person, often after many years.

I’m grateful for clients that became my friends

I have had many clients during the past 8 years. Some of them were beginning entrepreneurs, others owned well-established companies. I became friends with only a few of them. However, during the last year the amount of clients that became my friends increased dramatically. Co-operation in such cases is far simpler for both sides and brings seemingly better results. The client and I can be more honest with each other, we don’t need to be formal and frankly we just understand one another better. I really like this kind of co-operation and I believe that my clients/friends are also very satisfied with it.

I’m grateful for my family

I’m grateful for my family which cares about me even though I’m physically far away. They know why I chose the life I’m living, and they don’t take it personally. They rejoice when things are going great in my life. They support me in good, but also in bad times. They are delighted when I contact them, and every time I come home they give me a warm welcome.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to read the best books

Books changed my life more than anything else. Thanks to them I now understand that I can achieve anything I really want. That I shouldn’t give up. That life can be lived differently from what people say. That I don’t need material possessions to be happy. That experiences are more important than possessions. That it’s possible to start with little money. I learnt how to be compassionate. How to appreciate others. That it’s very important to try to understand someone before explaining one’s own opinion. That happiness comes from the inside. That every one of us affects not only his/her own life, but also the lives of thousands of people and that it’s necessary to try to affect them in the best way possible. I understand the type of person who never finishes growing- this person will never know everything and will never be flawless at anything, but can be better than the day before.

I’m grateful for the smile

The smile is an unbelievably dangerous weapon. It’s infectious, transmitted through the air and there is no antidote to it. Don’t believe me? Then try to smile honestly at anybody for at least a few seconds and you’ll see that the person won’t be able to contain it and will start smiling, too. By the way, aren’t you also smiling right now?

I’m grateful for the option to choose the reaction on any impulse

Between the impulse and your reaction exists some space. That space is big enough to let you choose your reaction on your own. When you realize this deep inside, it’ll change your life. Whatever happens, good or bad, you have an option to choose how you’ll react. Nobody can take this choice from you. Nobody. Realize it and it’ll slowly change your life.

I’m grateful for the simplicity of travelling

Not long ago, travelling for Slovakian people was difficult and very limited. Today, there are basically no limits. You can choose to go anywhere and you’ll get there. Air travel is cheap. Information is everywhere and abundant. Travelling has never been easier.

I’m grateful for you

LuboJurik.com and the Slovakian version -– SamSebePan.sk don’t make me any money. But that wasn’t the goal. These blogs helped me on my way to location independence; they allowed me to meet many new people and also to acquire a couple of clients/friends. Nothing from this would be possible without you. I’m grateful for every one of you who subscribed to my newsletter. I’m grateful for every like on Facebook. Almost 1000 people showed their support for my Facebook page, which is unbelievable, because a year ago the page had less than 100 fans. I’m grateful for every sharing, every comment and every opinion.

I wish for you to make your 2015 an awesome one, and I wish you to be better than you were in 2014.

Lubo Jurik, Koh Phangan, Thailand 12/20/2014

PS: I’ll be extremely happy if you can join us in the conversation and write a comment with at least one thing you’re grateful for.