About Me

I’ve never liked authorities and people who forced me to do something illogically or stupidly.

I didn’t go to a university even though I’ve never had problems studying. Spending five years at a university just to get the degree wasn’t appealing to me and that’s why I started my own business when I was 19. I still make a living doing graphics, web design and with many of my other online projects.

I’ve lived, studied and worked in Sydney, Australia for 3 years. I’m fascinated by Asian culture and I have a rich experience with it.

In January 2014, I went to Thailand where I enjoyed sunny weather, cheap delicious food and awesome people from all the world. After 6 months, I went to South Korea, then again to Thailand and currently I’m in Malaysia. I make a living working from my laptop, whether I work from my cosy apartment or some stylish local cafe.

At LuboJurik.com, I write for everyone who wants to change their lives and achieve something, but mainly for everyone who wants to live an unconventional life. I try to improve myself every day and inspire others to do the same.

I’ve never smoked or used drugs. I’m interested in positive lifestyle, online business, travelling, eating healthy and in things that inspire me. I want to achieve great things in my life.

What I believe in

I believe that people should live while they’re young. I don’t want to waste my best years working for someone else, waiting all my life for the retirement and hoping that I’ll be happy then.

If you want to learn more about what I believe in, you can read my manifesto.

People who inspire me

From all over the world

From my home country, Slovakia

What is LuboJurik.com about

  • I write at LuboJurik.com for people who are sick of a life full of stereotypes. I want to help people live unconventional lives.
  • I want to create a community of people whose thinking is similar to mine. Together, we can achieve more.