People want to see the world and travel, but often they sabotage their dreams with  excuses as to why they can’t. Here are the top 5 excuses and how to avoid making them.

During my studies in high school, many of my friends (including my brother) had said that after graduating from school they would go to live and work abroad. At the time, I was a major advocate of my home town Prievidza and of Slovakia as a whole. I viewed them as awesome places for living. I didn’t have any desire to live abroad.

However, it all changed when my close friend asked me if I would like to go work in England for 2 months with him (thanks Martin). At that time, I had already had my company Evolution Studio formed and the business had started to prosper, but eventually, I decided to go. I had planned to use any earned money to grow my business and also I hoped to learn a little bit of English, as I had been studying German in high school and I had never had an English lesson before.

Those 2 months, which turned out to be 10 weeks, literally changed my life. Even though we were just working hard in a warehouse where the temperature was only around +2°C, I fell in love with life abroad and independence. Then, during the last week of our stay in Bristol, I had gotten the idea to go to Australia.

A question for you is:

Why don’t you want to go abroad? Because you were there and you didn’t like it? Or because everything you know about living abroad is from your friends, or even worse, the Internet?

It’s possible that a stay abroad will change your life. Nobody says that you have to stay there forever. You are a sane person and you can go home whenever you decide.

Here are the top 5 most common excuses that I hear from people:

1. I have a good job and I don’t want to lose it

Do you really think that you were just lucky once and you will never again find a job like the one you have right now? Is this really how confident you are? Companies often appreciate people with experience working abroad and after you come back, it is very possible that you will have even better chances of finding a good job.

Besides that, do you really think that you will keep your job till you retire? The era of finishing school, finding a good job in a solid company and working for the company till retirement is gone. It doesn’t matter that politicians make promises and guarantees, all somewhat intelligent people know that there are no guarantees anymore. And your employer? Businesses go bankrupt faster than ever before. Statistically, only 1 in 100 businesses survives 15 years. Are you sure that your employer will survive?

2. I have a mortgage

Mortgages and loans are a form of modern slavery. When you have a large debt, you have to work to pay off the debt. And you have to work, even when you don’t like your job anymore or when working conditions get apparently worse. You can’t afford to leave your job because you have a mortgage to pay. Most people know this but they still often say that they have no choice so they go for it. The mortgage then serves as a perfect excuse to not travel or to try one’s luck abroad.

So, is really having a mortgage and traveling at the same time a massive problem? Not at all. If you want to travel long term, you can sell a mortgage note along with your property. If you want to travel relatively short term, let’s say, for a few months, then you can rent your apartment and let your tenant pay the mortgage. If you’re lucky you can also make some money.

3.  My partner doesn’t like to travel

You desire to travel and explore the world, but you throw it away for someone who doesn’t see what you see? Are you sure this is what you want and that you won’t regret it for the rest of your life?

Nobody should hold anyone by a leash. It is like having a gold neck chain. It is beautiful and elegant but it holds you down and restrains you from breathing.

4. We have small children

I’ve seen with my own eyes many young families who travel with small children, even with children as young as 3 years old. Nobody says it’s easy, but it is possible and many families can imagine no other lifestyle. Many of them also have their own websites (here you go, 30 traveling families so you can see how they are doing it). Thanks to these people, there are lots of guides, tips and tricks that can help you begin.

One study showed that children who were raised on the road do better in life than those who were raised conventionally. Don’t do it just for yourself, do it for your kids. Imagine that you were a kid exploring new places, wild untouched nature, different meals and cultures, and who has no problem learning foreign languages. In this case, I would probably be the happiest kid on Earth.

5. I don’t speak English


Nor did I when I went to England. Nor did many others that I have met all across the world.

A worse excuse doesn’t exist. This statement shows you being lazy and how you don’t want to really go.

A group of my friends went for a 5 day trip to Dubai a few months ago because they managed to get last minute tickets. In the group there was  a guy named Philip who was just in awe of Dubai, and of travelling in general, and so much so  that after he came home he didn’t talk about anything else. He hadn’t spoken much English, but he knew that English is necessary when travelling, so he didn’t hesitate and took an English course. After only a few months, he saw the results and now he has an even bigger desire and more motivation to continue learning. When we had our last chat via Skype, his eyes glowed as he was telling me how much his life had been changed and how he now knows what he wants to do with his life.

You don’t speak English? Fix it, now!


Travelling hasn’t been cheaper or more comfortable than now. There is a vast amount of useful informational sources, thousands of apps and services that will make your travelling easier. More and more people worldwide speak English. Electronics, cameras and video recorders have never been this cheap or accessible. We have never had a better opportunity to travel, so use it!

What is holding you back? Which excuse?